John Chastang

Autocar, Municipal, Fleet Sales
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John Chastang started his career in the auto industry in 1972 working as everything from a mechanic, to driving trucks and then began selling trucks in 1978.

He knew from that point that was what he wanted to do.

In 1989, he started working for what used to be a Volvo Truck location, then eventually landed into selling Autocar in 2004 and has been the main point of contact since. He also specializes in other medium duty commercial trucks.

Autocar applies 100% focus to building and supporting the best refuse and medium duty COE’s in the business – trucks with industry-leading innovations like improved ergonomic cabs, integrated controls, and an unsurpassed body-chassis interface.

Carl Norberg

Autocar Sales Manager
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Born into a family rooted commercial trucks and automotive manufacturing since the 1920s, Carl has been around heavy trucks since before he could walk.

Between early memories of riding in the back of classic cars and rebuilding trucks with his father and grandfather, Carl nurtured a love for all things mechanical and automotive from an early age. That history coupled with a passion for technology and its practical application, a position at Chastang Autocar was a natural fit for Carl.

After five years in a sales role with the Autocar team, Carl was named Autocar Sales Manager. With a keen focus on technical applications and ensuring the truck you use is the best one for the job, Carl is driven to lead the Autocar team to deliver exemplary customer service as part of your Chastang experience.