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85 Years of Service & Experience

The Chastang family’s history in the auto industry dates back three generations and over eight decades to 1933, when Louisiana native Claude Chastang decided that the family business of being a carpenter wasn’t for him and instead found a job selling vehicles in downtown Houston. Claude paused his auto career to serve in the military, but eventually returned to Houston and continued to work in the industry that he loved up to the age of 88. Selling cars quickly became a family passion, so was only natural that Claude’s sons and eventually his grandchildren would follow him into the business.

Claude’s son Joe Chastang started delivering parts at 14 and worked his way up from the warehouse to the sales floor, becoming a sales manager at 25 years old and eventually general manager for a series of dealerships. COO Patrick Chastang’s earliest memories include playing “car dealership” with his Hot Wheels, lining them up in order of value, and like his father, he worked his way up through virtually every department before taking over operations in 2017. Joe’s wife Mary, brother John and daughter Mandy have also worked at Chastang over the years in different roles, making it a true family business.

In 1994, Joe Chastang bought Volvo White GMC of Houston, which was located at the current Chastang Auto Group headquarters at 6200 North Loop East. At one point the business was the largest Volvo truck dealer in the nation, and included the current Autocar franchise. When the owner of a nearby Ford dealership retired, Chastang bought the business, moving it to his location and re-opening as Chastang’s Bayou City Ford and Chastang’s Bayou City Autocar. In under a decade, the dealership–now known as Chastang Ford and Chastang Autocar–became one of the top 100 commercial/fleet Ford dealerships, and one of the top five Autocar dealers in the country–with 85 percent of sales coming from repeat or referral clients.

“The things I remember most about working with my dad are his passion for the job and for the people he worked with. They respected how hard he worked and his honest approach to management,” says Patrick Chastang. “What I like best about our business is seeing the personal relationships our team builds with our customers. One of my favorite aspects of the type of business we do is helping new customer buying their first commercial vehicle-we will break things down, ask the customer how they are going to use the vehicle, go visit the business, go through the entire process and make sure we get the company in the right vehicle. That’s how we like to do business.”

At Chastang Auto Group we are committed to growing our business responsibly by building long-term relationships with our employees, customers, and community. That means we value our employees for the quality of their character and their work, we do right by our customers who trust us to know our product and we have a passion for our community and are invested in its success. From the moment you walk in the door, you aren’t just a number to us–you are part of the Chastang Family.

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